fold-up house

mobile architecture

The fold-up house is an emergency housing solution concept
Fall 2016
Tasked to design a tiny house that would fit within 18'x18'x18', I focused my exploration on a tiny house that could be compacted and transported. This theme soon was lead to the idea of creating a temporary emergency shelter that could be quickly set up and then dismantled in natural disaster or refugee  zones.
How can a tiny space be designed to be both sturdy and portable?
Module Development
I modeled an idea for a module with a square footprint that could be used to create larger, more complex floorplans. Its roof is like a shell that can slide open. to keep it lightweight and able to fold, it would have a skeleton of thin metal tubes.
I continued to develop the module in 3D, creating a wire and elastic model that demonstrates the fold down effect I desired.
These are the feasible floorplan configurations of the modules that do not obstruct the ability of the entire structure to fold into one flat square.
Final Renderings
Materials: Canvas | Polyethylene sheet | Aluminum tubes