periodical coffee

packaging design

Periodical is coffee packaging with a story, intended to slow down American consumers during their coffee routine.
Spring 2018 // Designed with: Claudia Martino 
We developed this as a submission to the 2018 Model Young Package competition which called for paper packaging for coffee products. Our goal was to change the way Americans drink coffee, encouraging them to savor the experience like their European counterparts rather than seeing it as a caffeine hit. 
How can we slow down coffee culture in America?
First Prototypes
The idea of a memento that is kept after the coffee is consumed became a focus, to place more value on the experience. A container that doubled as a bookmark became ideal due to its paper construction and ideal size for a single serving of grounds. 
Second Prototype
We created 7 “bookmark” packets for coffees from 7 different countries to be used each day of the week. Each bookmark is printed with an excerpt from a literary work of that country.
Final Design
Periodical celebrates the culture and coffee of 7 countries through literature. It represents a moment in the rushed morning routine where one can pause to enjoy their coffee along with a quick read. The packaging itself doubes as a bookmark memento.